Tone of voice

Most of the time, your tone of voice is hidden away on page 87 of your brand guidelines.

Well, nobody gets to page 87.

Your brand tone of voice isn’t about guidelines; it’s about people. And to do it properly, you need to think of it as a behaviour change programme – which is, conveniently, the other string on our bow.

Make it easy

The status-quo bias means we’re more likely to stick with what we know than do something new. So everyone needs the tools to make it easier to write in the new tone than swerve it: templates, briefing forms, your own readability checker and plenty of examples.

Make a splash

Get the new tone on everyone’s radar: rewrite your high-profile pieces and measure the effect; get the most senior person you can find to say it’s the best thing since sliced bread. (It’s the mere-exposure effect: the more we see something, the more we like it.)

Then make it a habit: training sessions, top-up coaching, software to check people’s tone, creative reviews, awards for good writing: your tone of voice is never ‘done’.

As a tone of voice agency, we’ll help you shape language and behaviour to answer big business questions. And get results.

Questions like…

Can you get tone of voice on everyone’s to-do list?*

How do you win the Game of Tones?*

How do you scale up and stay true to your brand?*

“The team at Definition helped us hone our tone of voice into something that was easy for everyone across our business to digest, understand and use consistently in our communications. It felt like they instantly connected with our brand and were able to transform our existing guidelines into a well-crafted TOV resource. They ran a series of training sessions and created handy tools like bitesize videos and cheat sheets. The training sessions were rated by attendees as some of the best we’ve ever run in-house. As a team, they went above and beyond to make the whole experience enjoyable and engaging – you guys definitely brought the positive power to our tone of voice!”

Frances Gent. Head of Content, Avon