Continuous improvement training

Every person, in every business runs into problems. When they do, it’s easy to defend the process that got them there. (Who doesn’t love to say, “But that’s how we’ve always done it”?)

We get it.

Doing things differently feels uncomfortable, but it’s what helps teams and businesses grow.

Our continuous improvement training takes the fear out of change. It also gives you and your teams the time to step away from your desks and see your processes through fresh eyes.

You’ll pick up practical skills you can use right away. And the chances are, you’ll save you time and money, too. Most clients do. Take Very Group. Rethinking the way they worked saved them 112,000 hours and added £2.9million a year to their revenue.

In fact, everyone who trains with us can expect:

  • happier customers
  • better productivity
  • a more profitable business

If that sounds like something you need, get in touch for a chat.

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What do we do?

Let’s face it, a lot of workshops are boring and abstract. Not this one. We always use a learn-and-do approach. So the workshops are interactive, memorable and fun.

We follow Lean Six Sigma principles and offer Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt courses. Each one is different, but for the most part they’ll go something like this:

We get to know you

We speak to your team to find out about your projects, processes and who you’d like to train. Our sessions always work best when people genuinely want to be there, so it’s worth thinking carefully about who you invite, when.

We run our first workshop

The content varies slightly between courses, but broadly, over 3-4 workshops you’ll learn how to define a problem, how to set goals, how to map out your process and a whole lot more.

We give you space

We spread our workshops over a few months so you can put what you learn into practice between sessions.

We reflect and repeat

In the breaks between sessions, we run check-ins, where you can chat about your specific project. What’s working, what isn’t? Then you’ll have even more focus going into the next session.

We run in-person and online workshops, depending on what you need. And they’re all CPD accredited.

Why we’re different

We don’t just talk the talk

We’re not just chucking theory at you. We’ve done it ourselves. Our lead trainer Joe has been using continuous improvement since 2010. Back then he was working in manufacturing. But he soon realised that all organisations had processes they could improve. He’s since gone on to train people from numerous sectors including travel, retail, logistics and data comms, and across different internal functions such as finance, sales, operations, HR, design and projects.

You’ll actually be able to take what you learn and use it in your job

Most people that come to our workshops are frontline workers. So, we make sure you’re learning practical, relevant skills. You’ll be looking at your own process, not theoretical ones. And you’ll be figuring out how to make them run more smoothly – with a little help from us along the way.

Our clients love us

We’ve worked with leading UK and global brands like MAG, Smart DCC and Brakes. And they’ve all said pretty nice things.

“Thanks again for the Lean Six Sigma training – I found it really valuable and useful, and I’m using it every day at work …..”

Kathryn Wright – Senior Payroll Manager, Fourth

“Well organised & well delivered. Covered huge amount of content, excellent use of exercises to break up slides. 350+ slides but no death by PowerPoint!”

Tom Thornycroft, JD Sports

“It’s given me a wider knowledge of how the business works. It’s been really interesting and a great process to be part of.”

Eliza Eabry. Aviation Security Officer, MAG

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