Brand naming

Ocado. Intelligent Life magazine. Ezra.

Our team have been naming brands for years, and we’ve learned a lot along the way.

There’s a dash of psychology. We know people are drawn to things that stand out from the crowd, or that almost familiar, or even rhymes.

But oddly the name’s the easy bit. Often getting people bought into how that name could come to life is really where we earn our money.

Then you need to get your names playing nicely together.

If you’ve got lots of products, can customers work out what’s what? And do they look like a happy family, or a bit dysfunctional?

If not, we’ll help wrangle your naming system (also known, somewhat pretentiously, as a naming architecture, hierarchy, or nomenclature system).

Beyond being a brand naming agency, we’re good at shaping language and behaviour to answer big business questions. And getting results.

Questions like…

How do you name a new brand… on a train?*

Does your name shape the brand you become?*