Can you switch from slides to stories?

Training for Schroders

The clever financial types at Schroders want to stand out from all the other speakers at conferences about finance. But they’re stuck in a rut and hamstrung by PowerPoint slides.

So we took them to a theatre and put them on stage. We taught them the shape of stories (like Someone… wants… but… so… and…).

We played metaphor games, and painted pictures. They ditched the decks, and told stories that made each other laugh and (almost) cry.
Then they applied all that to their work stuff.

And now they don’t sound like anyone else. Oh, and we’re training lots of their colleagues.

“We employed Definition to help us think differently about how we present and market to clients. They structured a really stimulating day which taught us – and forced us – to think differently, and we are already seeing results.”

Rupert Rucker, head of income solutions, Schroders

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