Brand language, copywriting, content creation: whatever you call it, the language you use to describe something fundamentally shapes the way people think and feel about it.

Just ask Heston Blumenthal: nobody ordered crab ice cream from one of his menus until he relabelled it frozen crab bisque – an instant hit. And we love playing with these mental quirks.

That particular trick’s called framing. But we’ve got lots of tools in the box: serial position effect means you need to lead with your main point; concrete language makes your idea much more memorable.

By bringing psychological effects and biases like these to our words, we make sentences sing and people click. So what do we write?

Websites, apps, ads, chatbot flows, customer emails, letters, thought leadership, speeches, key messages, corporate values, case studies, brochures, terms and conditions, help articles, headlines, straplines, calls to action, claims: everything, kinda.

So as you can see, we’re Swiss Army Knives rather than specialists. Although we have noticed our clients asking for two things in particular lately…

Well-written websites

Clicks and signposts are all well and good, but your website is your front door. If your brand tone of voice doesn’t come across here, do you really have one?

Thought leadership pieces people actually read

An idea isn’t worth anything unless it’s clearly expressed. You bring the opinions, we’ll help you hone them – in blogs, whitepapers and articles; in simple language that lets your thinking shine.

But as we say, those are just two examples of a huge range of writing work we do. We believe small print deserves the same love and care as big lines on bus stops. Good writing is good writing – wherever it lives.

We’ll help you shape language and behaviour to answer big business questions. And get results.

Questions like…

How do you write for 250,000 people?*

What’s the secret to cutting your time to hire by 13%?*