Consumer market research

Are your customers cat people or dog people? Do they love Marmite or hate it? Do they clap when the plane lands or are they normal? As a consumer market research company, we’ll help you get to know your customers and what makes them tick. 

We’ll work out where you sit in the market, how your customers behave, and get to the root of any problems your brand faces. Then we’ll turn this into insights you can work with. And we’ll give you strategic recommendations to help you make things better.

Find out more about how we work below. Or if we’ve already convinced you, get in touch with us to have a chat.

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What do we do?

Our research team is hugely experienced in both quantitative and qualitative techniques. So we can reach your audience using the best method for you.

We’ll help you:

  • Understand your goals
  • Come up with research methods that’ll help you hit those goals
  • Work out the best people to interview and the sample size you’ll need
  • Research across the regions, countries, and the world, using quant and qual techniques
  • Run an in-depth analysis of the results, showing the key trends and insights
  • Create a strategic report on the findings, focused on insights that you can work with and see your business grow.

Whether you’re focused on customer experience, employee experience, brand tracking or brand health analysis, we can help you with this and much more.

What makes our consumer market research different?

We’ll give you insights you can work with. 

Unlike other research firms that just give you a bunch of data, we’ll give you insights you can actually work with and strategic recommendations that help solve business problems.

We get all hands on deck

We have a whole team of market research specialists and you’ll always work with more than one of us That helps us avoid personal bias, and make sure we’re being really thorough.

We’ll work in a way that’s best for you

We know how to work with a wide range of research methods. So we’ll tailor our approach to fit you.

We have happy clients

We’ve run research projects for some of the UK’s most loved companies including LEGOLAND, Scotch Malt Whisky Society and the Jockey Club.

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We get a little help from our Brand Alignment Monitor™ (BAM)

We’re a brand tracking agency too, and we’ve created a market-leading Brand Alignment Monitor™ (BAM) that tracks brand performance. It measures your customers, colleagues and competitors’ customers – and tells you whether you’re delivering on your brand promise, where your brand is really coming to life, and which areas you need to focus on.

It’s a brand tracker, customer experience audit and employee engagement survey all in one. And there’s nothing else like it in the market.

“I want to see practical understanding of our brands, practical understanding of the issues we are trying to address and really I think that is the Definition approach… It is a very convivial, inclusive way of working, they get under the skin of our business, our people and the way we feel. There is no bulls#*t, jargon or stupid management theory; it is practical, down to earth and it gets to the core of what we are trying to do, cutting away all the rubbish.”

Nick Varney, former CEO – Merlin Entertainments