Employee experience

It’s hard to stand out right now. But your people can help. How?

Employees who believe in what they do are more engaged. And more engaged employees are more focused on your customers. Customers enjoying a better customer experience, make better business for everyone.

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You can’t have CX without EX.

People want to feel a part of the business. They want to feel connected, appreciated and empowered. Most of all, they want to feel like they belong.

All of that is impossible without a great employee experience.

We can help you overhaul your employee experience so that their team can deliver a high performance, unified and engaged business with the very best customer experience.

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Working with us

Step one: Explore

Our team of consumer market research specialists love insights. That’s why we’ll get into every nook and cranny of your business and gain a deep understanding of the opinions and behaviours of your people. We want to talk to employees from all departments and at all levels, to work out what’s stopping you from delivering both a brand aligned employee experience and a motivating customer experience.

Step two: Define

To really feel like a part of the business, your people need to be proud of your brand. Proud of what makes you you. If you don’t already have a clear and compelling brand, you’re in luck. We’re good at making them.

We’ll work with you to develop one via our interactive brand definition workshops.

Once your brand is defined, we’ll translate it into an Employee Value Proposition that shows why you organisation is (or will be) such a great place to be.

Step three: Align

Armed with a damn good brand and EVP, we’ll run some workshops with you to bring your brand to life. A big part of that will be designing the ultimate employee experience.

We’ll tackle your biggest internal challenges, align the ‘must dos’ of the employee experience to your brand and come up with some real ‘wow’ moments to really help it sing.

Once we’re done, your people will be ready to deliver great customer experience.

Step four: Express and embed

Have you heard of our Lifetime Employer Communications™ model? Now’s your chance.

It sits at the heart of our approach to the employee experience. It tracks every touchpoint between your people and your business. That’s every possible opportunity you have to create great experiences that people want to be a part of and want to stay for. Then, we’ll bringing it all to life across using comms, campaigns and events, and experimental techniques spanning the entire employee lifecycle, including:

  • Attraction and onboarding
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Health and safety
  • Business transformation
  • ESG initiatives
  • Reward and recognition
  • Leadership and manager tools
  • Community and beyond

Put simply, it helps us deliver your EX and EVP in a way that makes sense. No matter where your people are in their journey with you.

Step Five: Measure

After all that, we’ll test how effective it is. Our Brand Alignment Monitor™ (an industry first) is a brand tracking tool, customer experience audit and employee engagement survey rolled into one. It’ll continuously keep track of your employee happiness so you can keep doing it better and better.

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