Visual identity: look good, do good

Your visual identity is much more than a logo.

Get it right and your brand and campaigns will stop people in their tracks. Stir their souls. And move them to choose you. You’ll bring your strategy to life, and you might even win awards along the way.

But how do you do it?

A graphic design of some green and white business cards for the visual identity page.

Decide who gets a say

Try to please everyone and the chances are you’ll be left with a beige blur. Go it alone, without listening to your audience or understanding your strategic priorities, and no matter how nice your visuals look, you’ll miss the mark.

We’ll help you decide who to involve, when – so you create an ownable identity that everyone’s proud to put their name on.

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An image of a red-haired woman carrying a tote bag with a green logo for the visual identity page.

“Definition are experts at finding and using the emotional hook and rational persuaders that convince an audience to get on board”

College of Podiatry

Then get people talking

To create a visual identity that gets people talking, you need to know your audience. What do they want? What inspires them? How can you bring that into your brand?

We’ll help you answer those questions to create an identity that sticks in the mind and soars above your competitors.

“As well as an unforgettable look and feel, Definition provided us with the necessary tools to talk about ourselves and shared the ideas and values of our work.”

Maria Laskaridou, Producer, Argonauts

No one and nothing gets left behind

Your visual identity is only as great as the people using it. So we make it easy.

It starts with getting everyone on the same page: board members, in-house teams, designers, freelancers. It ends with detailed guidelines, templates and other resources, tailored to the way you work.

We’ll help you hone your visual identity so you can look good today and get great results tomorrow.