Argonauts are epic film & TV storytellers. After a rebrand, they’re now the heroes of their own story too.

A complex identity

To win business with big international studios, film and TV production company Argonauts need to wear many different hats.

They need to be a tourist board, selling the beauty and versatility of their home country – Greece – as a place to shoot movies, TV and streaming series. And a recruitment company, promoting the skills and professionalism of their trusted local film crews to producers overseas. And an accountancy firm, explaining the generous financial incentives available for producing a project in Greece. What made Argonauts themselves special was getting buried under all those hats.

We cut through the complexity with a rebrand that makes Argonauts the heroes of their own story.

Argonauts brand designs, featuring movie stills and headlines like

In an online session, we brought the Argonauts crew together to dive into the company’s strengths, personality and selling points. They already knew exactly how to sell the idea of shooting a production in Greece; with a series of creative exercises, we uncovered how to sell the benefits of shooting with Argonauts.

We went one-on-one with decision-makers at Netflix and Warner Bros to discover what they look for in a co-producer or production services partner (where a company like Argonauts works as a supplier, rather than a co-producer) – and what could swing the decision for a company like Argonauts.

Audience research

From insight to execution

Argonauts’ name springs from Greece’s culture of mythic voyaging leaders and heroes. They’re a team of storytellers, voyaging to expand their own and others’ horizons.

They share a belief in the power of the screen to open people up to new perspectives – or as we put it, the world is better in widescreen. They’re a big, resilient team with strong specialisms. They know everyone in the Greek media scene and can assemble a brilliant crew to deliver every time. And experience has taught them how to roll with the punches of an unpredictable shoot.

The new Argonauts brand brings these qualities to the surface and positions the company as a leading force in Greek media. Now co-producers can see that Argonauts can match their creative vision, and production services clients can be reassured that Argonauts can make things happen in their home market.

Normally we say your brand is more than just your logo, and normally we’re right.

But in the world of film and TV production, a company’s logo is often the only element of the brand most people will see – in the credits of a trailer, poster, programme or movie, usually alongside the logos of several co-producers.

So while the logo still isn’t the be-all and end-all of the Argonauts brand, it does carry a lot of weight.

Evoking the billowing sail of a questing ship, the logo is equally striking when static or animated, and equally recognisable whether it’s filling an IMAX screen or sitting in the corner of a poster.

The Argonauts logo is the figurehead of a powerfully cinematic brand. Bold typography and dynamic layouts give print and digital materials a level of impact on par with widescreen and surround sound. And an earthy colour palette anchors everything in realism – framing Argonauts as a company that promises big and delivers every time.

“As well as an unforgettable look and feel, Redhouse provided us with the necessary tools to talk about ourselves and shared the ideas and values of our work.”

Panos Papahadzis, CEO, Argonauts

Argonauts branded social media posts displayed on smartphone screens

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