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The Government Office for Science is about evidence above all else. We helped them communicate just that.

About the client

With a direct line into 10 Downing Street, the Government Office for Science gathers and reports scientific evidence to inform government policy.

The Office’s valuable services are available to all government departments. On request, it can provide insightful, in-depth, actionable reports and briefings on the context and likely impact of any policy decision.

Government Office for Science: Identify tomorrow's priorities – Government empowered by scientific evidence

Building a brand

Despite its vital role, the Government Office for Science had a brand recognition problem. Not enough government decision-makers understood the Office’s role, so too few were commissioning research. That meant policy was being made without the level of robust scientific backing the Office could provide.

Each individual report the Office published was well recognised and respected. So was its head, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser (GCSA). People just weren’t seeing the big picture: that one organisation was responsible for all this valuable advice.

In a series of workshops and in-depth interviews with everyone from the GCSA on down, we found that everyone at the Government Office for Science saw the scientific evidence as the star, not the Office itself. This humility was part of why the Office wasn’t better known – but it also became the seed of a strong new brand.

Government Office for Science banners

Confident, clear, bold

Informed by its people’s emphasis on evidence, we created an award-winning Government Office for Science brand that puts evidence centre stage.

Confident, clear and bold, the typographically led look and feel keeps headlines from the evidence front and centre at all times. Reports and presentations provide insight and value right from the front cover, before they’re even opened.

Consistent typographical layouts build recognition without pulling focus from the evidence, while eye-catching colour combinations make sure the messages stand out – with clarity, authority and conviction.

Printed Government Office for Science research reports

In 2020, the Transform Awards Europe recognised the Government Office for Science brand with the Gold award for the best visual identity from the public sector.

Stitch-bound Government Office for Science notebooks

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