Search knows the recruitment market inside out. Now, after a brand refresh based on our insights, the market can get to know Search in turn.

A complex audience

In the competitive world of recruitment, you have to speak your audience’s language.

For recruitment consultancy Search, that audience ranges from drivers and builders seeking contract work, to multinational companies needing to staff events or call centres.

Each team at Search was fluent in a specific audience segment’s language. Candidates and corporate clients alike felt that their contact understood them like no other.

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But among all these highly individualised relationships and impressions, the big picture – the story of Search as a whole – was hard to piece together. As a result, big clients weren’t seeing the opportunities to work strategically with Search across sectors.

We cut through the complexity by creating a shared language that brings all Search’s people together.

To get to know Search’s audience as well as Search’s people do, we interviewed satisfied corporate clients and surveyed hundreds of active job candidates. Why do customers choose Search, and what keeps them coming back? We were on the lookout for reasons that transcend industry sectors.

Search’s own self-image is just as important as its audience’s perceptions. We got under Search’s skin by interviewing senior leaders in depth, running workshops with a cross-section of staff, and reviewing existing research into the company culture by Investors in People.

If your brand was a supermarket, would it be Lidl or Waitrose? Tesco or Whole Foods?

To differentiate themselves more clearly from competitors, Search needed a clearer idea of their current and desired position in the market. We put presented staff and senior leaders with this supermarket test, which always generates strong opinions, lively discussions – and easily understandable insights and outcomes.

The next step

Search’s audience has more in common than anyone had realised. In all sectors, clients and candidates alike appreciate Search’s drive, knowledge and human touch.

We developed our insights into a new brand for a unified Search, including a new mission and a clearly defined personality and selling points – all centred on a new vision, The next step is always a step up.

The idea of taking the next step towards a life, career or business goal is something candidates, clients and Search themselves all have in common. The new brand positions Search as the natural next step for candidates seeking variety, clients seeking quality service, and ambitious recruitment consultants seeking career progression of their own.

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“Definition made the Search brand both more unified and more flexible, setting us apart from the crowd and setting us up for the next step on our path to growth.”

Richard Vickers, CEO, Search

Consultants are still free to sell customers on their individual expertise, but now they can better sell the benefits of sticking with Search – and engaging with more of the company’s services.

And this common language became the seed for a refreshed visual identity, including new graphic elements, updated photography guidelines and a cutting edge, digitally optimised colour palette.

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