Communicating independence, innovation and collaboration with a rebrand for the world’s first and only payment systems regulator

About the PSR

The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) is the world’s first and only dedicated regulator of payment systems.

A subsidiary of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the PSR challenged us to create a brand identity that feels in keeping with the fast-paced and tech-driven payment systems industry they regulate.

A different kind of regulator

Since its launch, the PSR had moved from being a sub-brand with the personality of a start-up, to being a fully operational, pioneering, strong and collaborative regulator.

The original brand linked strongly to the FCA, but the PSR had found its feet and its voice since then. It needed a new brand that was all its own – to reflect and build on the reputation it was busy building with the people it regulates.

We conducted research, focus groups and workshops across the organisation to develop a fresh, up-to-date brand strategy and visual identity.


Making payment systems work well for those that use them.

The PSR’s purpose, co-created with senior leaders and tested with employees, sums up the regulator’s value to businesses, consumers and the economy.

The plain language of the purpose says that the brand has no need to dress things up. The PSR knows who and what it’s here for, and can say it clearly and simply.

Visual identity

In our research with staff at the PSR and regulated businesses, we found that the PSR doesn’t operate like a traditional regulator. It’s not remote, removed and rule-setting. It regulates by collaborating, listening and promoting competition.

With this in mind, we developed an identity that visually locates the PSR among the brands it regulates. The blues and clean lines of the brand are unusual among regulators, but wouldn’t look out of place in the fintech sector.

A PSR employee jogging in a branded t-shirt

The employee audience

The PSR understands what a key role brand plays in aligning its people behind its purpose. For the employer brand, we used the brand story – developed alongside employees – to make it relevant and personal.

We use a softer, more human tone, designed to create a real connection. The brand helps the team deliver the company vision; a future where payment systems are accessible, reliable and secure, and represent value for money.

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