Employee engagement initiatives and events

We create amazing events – live, virtually, or both

We’re good at a lot of stuff. Some of that stuff includes employee engagement, internal communications, and events. With our range of exciting, innovative, and impactful event solutions, we can help you create experiences that are hard to forget.

We’re creative and experienced. That means we can project manage and support you with pre-event, during and post-event design and communications. From strategic, leadership and business update conferences, to team building, benefits roadshows, and awards ceremonies.

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We can design:

  • Strategic conferences
  • Leadership and management events
  • Business updates, ‘Town Halls’ and roadshows
  • Reward and recognition awards
  • Sales conferences
  • Annual celebrations and parties
  • Supplier and product conferences and exhibitions
  • Experiential events
  • L&D/training events
  • Team building ‘away days’

We can help you with the other bits too:

  • Delegate management, logistics and registration
  • Venue and accommodation sourcing and management
  • Event branding, theming, and ident
  • Content generation for pre, during and post-event
  • Event production – staging, AV, sound, lighting, install and de-rig
  • Video production, animation, and photography
  • Full Health and Safety risk assessments
  • Digital, interactive polling and gamification
  • Live-streaming, hybrid, and virtual events
  • Strategic messaging support
  • Event collateral and merchandise
  • Breakout session planning, design, and support materials
  • Guest speaker and entertainment sourcing
  • Event reportage for content (live or post event)
  • Feedback and measurement

We create professional, interactive, energising, and engaging experiences every day. We’re ready to create something perfectly suited to your needs, objectives, and budget.

Employees at a summer festival