Process Painkiller

We all know how important it is to cut out waste and inefficiencies at work. But too often, tightening the belt and trimming the fat can have unexpected consequences.

If your customer experience suffers as a result, the long-term reputational damage can far outweigh any short-term savings. The bottom line? Your brand is just as important as your bottom line.

That’s where the Process Painkiller comes in.

Let's discuss your brand brief

Don’t throw the brand baby out with the wastewater

Developed through years of hands-on experience, the Process Painkiller does exactly what it says on the tin. Working with your colleagues and customers, we find those harmful pain points that are clogging you up and slowing you down.

And then we deliver practical, realistic solutions that boost your margin while protecting – and even enhancing – your customer experience and competitive differentiation.

That’s what you get when you combine the rigour of an FT top management consultancy with the creativity of the UK’s leading marketing consultancy.

Have a headache we can help with?

Our four-step process allows us to really dig deep into what’s gone wrong, why it’s gone wrong, and how you can get back up and running again.

Our four-step formula for getting you back on track

Here’s what we do:

Scan – we combine operational info with insights from your customers and colleagues. That way we get the most in-depth overview of what the issues are.

Map –  we map the processes you’re currently using, taking the time to understand how they’re supposed to work, and where they might be falling short. This includes seeing if they’ve grown and changed over time – a common cause of increased complexity.

Diagnose – it’s not enough to just look at surface-level problems, so we carry out root cause analysis to find the ‘why’ beneath it all. That way we can fix things at their most fundamental level, and stop them recurring too.

Treat – your people helped us ask the right questions, so we’ll draw on them again to find the right answers. We’ll run a creative session to collaborate on solutions, then help you decide how to prioritise them. Then we design and start a pilot programme to show they work.

Ready to get going again?

“We worked with Joe Lambert from the Process Painkiller team who delivered continuous improvement courses to some of our frontline teams over a 2½ year period. Three of the nine cohorts delivered benefit savings of over £250k but more importantly we saw engagement scores improve by 17%.

“Whilst the courses delivered skills and capability to our colleagues, it was much more than that, it helped shaped MAG’s strategy and culture of ongoing continuous improvement.”

Anni Stores – Head of Business Change & Continuous Improvement, Manchester Airport Group