Tone of voice training

Lots of brands have tone of voice guidelines. But too often, they languish on brand sites, and never get used.

Our training puts a stop to that. We’ll get your teams excited about your tone, and give them the skills to use it. And they might learn a little more about your brand along the way (one of our clients calls it ‘culture change by stealth’).

And we adapt it to suit different audiences – from marketing and social teams to lawyers and contact-centre teams. We’ll use real examples of your writing so it’s as relevant as can be.

What do we do?

Training for teams of ten to a hundred.

From a one-hour appetite-whetter to a full-day masterclass.

Tailored to different audiences, from people who just have to get your tone, to people who’ll be using it every hour of every day.

Virtual or face to face (so far this year, we’ve been from Texas to Queensland), or a combination.

We think people learn best by doing – so this isn’t Death by PowerPoint. There’ll be lots of writing, reading out, discussing, debating. Our style is relaxed and fun, but challenging and dead practical.

Why we’re different

Our team are all business writers.

But we train people every day. So we’ve learnt how to explain the subtleties of tone of voice in a way that non-writers understand.

This is about getting the feel of your brand, not getting your grammar right.

Spelling and grammar matter. But not as much as writing that feels right (and actually gets read). So that’s what we focus on.

Our clients

We’ve trained everyone from HSBC to Guiness World Records, all over the world.

And they have nice things to say.

“From taking our initial brief, throughout the entire process, to delivery and follow-up, the team were a pleasure to work with, with the result that many participants rated it their favourite day on the leadership programme. The team are very challenging of learners but in an incredibly supportive way.” 

Emma Vargas Brock, senior L&D manager, PepsiCo


“Lawyers are not necessarily the easiest audience, but Schwa grabbed the team’s attention right from the outset – balancing fun with evidence, bringing relevant examples to life and challenging the way we think about language and communication. Their effortless and effervescent style made the session a real joy, and we still reference it as a touchpoint when we’re thinking about how we speak. I can’t recommend Schwa highly enough – the sessions they deliver are such fun that you don’t notice just how transformative they are.”

Helen Lowe, head of legal operations, easyjet


“The team at Schwa got us really quickly. They pinned down our tone of voice in a way that’s memorable, and more importantly, really useful. We’re already seeing results from the roll-out: it doesn’t just make our brand stand out, it has real, measurable business benefits.”

Vicki Franks, brand director, Sky