The Brand Protector

Your brand could be swimming along one day, when suddenly an economic crisis or a breach of corporate governance comes along and gobbles it up. This great white shark can destroy a brand that you’ve taken years to build.

When done properly, comms can soften even the most damaging blow – and sometimes, can even make you more popular. Get it wrong, and bad comms can dig a hole much bigger than the one you’re already in.

Keep calm, and we’ll help you carry on

In a crisis, you need to know what to say, how to say it, when to say it and who to say it to. Working with us on crisis communications gives you knowledge, an outside perspective, and a structure for making rational decisions under pressure.

We put all our expertise and experience into one specialist crisis planning and response team: the Brand Protector. We’ve got journalists, digital media and search specialists, internal comms experts and consumer researchers.

And we can help you:

  • Prepare and plan – we’ll come up with crisis comms plans and think about risk, impact, audiences and messaging.
  • Train and test – our trainers will give leaders the skills and techniques to confidently communicate with the media.
  • Respond and review – we help you deal with ‘live’ issues by giving real-time advice and specialist support, and then review after the crisis so you’re even better prepared.
  • Retain and reassure – if you’d feel better knowing we’re just a phone call away, we offer a retained service, so one of our team can even work within your organisation while a crisis is happening.
Want to talk crisis comms?

We’ll take care of comms, so you can get back to business

We’ve helped public and private organisations through some complex and sensitive issues. Some of them don’t realise the importance of a crisis communications until things go wrong – but even then it’s not too late to get help. We quickly evaluate the situation and come up with a plan.

It’s our job to tactically control information. We can keep an eye on the media, advise on responses, mediate with journalists, draft internal and external statements and social posts, check the search engine results pages and make sure that everyone within the organisation knows what to expect. With comms taken care of, you can focus on repairing damage and getting back to business as usual.

Risk aware organisations keep a crisis communications agency on retainer, meaning that support is just a phone call away. Our retained service offering begins with an immersion session designed to identify risks an organisation faces. We then develop a response plan and keep scanning the horizon. And our senior consultants are on call 24/7, so if a crisis happens, we’re ready to leap into action.