Storytelling training

Most presentations are dull. Most stories aren’t. We’ll show you how to make one more like the other.

We’ll look at…

  • The crucial elements of every story (which you probably already know)
  • How to give your story shape
  • The tricks that make stories stick
  • How to use stories at work

It’ll help your teams to radically simplify their PowerPoint decks, or even better, ditch them altogether. And we guarantee their audience will understand, remember, and feel more.

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What do we do?

Training for teams of ten to a hundred.

From a one-hour appetite-whetter to a two-day masterclass.

Virtual or face to face (so far this year, we’ve been from Texas to Queensland), or a combination.

We think people learn best by doing – so this isn’t Death by PowerPoint. There’ll be lots of practice, and a little performance. Our style is relaxed and fun, but challenging and dead practical.

Why we’re different

Our team are all business writers.

We often work with C-suite types to help them shape their messages. So we’ve learnt over the years that stories always stick better than anything else.

This is more practice than theory.

There are hundreds of storytelling models (and most of them are pretty similar). But the theory’s the easy bit. We focus more on giving people the practice, permission and confidence to use these skills in real life.

Our clients

We’ve trained everyone from HSBC to PepsiCo, all over the world.

And they have nice things to say.

“A MASSIVE thank you from all of us – the sessions you’ve run have been inclusive, insightful and, most importantly, interactive – no easy task with our multiple locations and Zoom links.”

Rachael Smith, Senior marketing lead, PepsiCo