How do you improve your NPS score by 29%?

Training and writing for E.ON

Talking to customers on live chat is a juggling act


You’re speaking to a customer while sifting through the system to find the answer they need. You’re trying to get to the bottom of their problem, but solve it speedily. You want to be friendly, but they’re getting shirty. It’s a lot of plates to keep spinning – and all without the sympathetic noises (‘hmm’, ‘ah’) you can make on the phone.

We worked with E.ON’s live chat team in India to help them with this juggling

When we started, this team were using lengthy, jargon-filled canned responses, copy-and-pasting them into conversations with customers. So we knew we had to fix that stuff – but that was only the starting point. We didn’t just want to leave the team with templates. We wanted to help them make their own writing just as clear: to have helpful conversations with customers naturally, without falling back on banks of pre-written text.

So we designed and rolled out a live-chat-specific writing programme

First, we designed training sessions to help the teams plan, structure and write their chats. Then we ran ‘train the trainer’ sessions, so their internal teams were A* experts at delivering this material. And finally, we made sure the change stuck with virtual workbooks for agents to use on their own and follow-up coaching clinics with us.

(Oh, and we did it all virtually, in the middle of lockdown.)


During our time together, the teams’ NPS scores shot up by 29%. Better yet, the average customer is getting their issue solved two and a half minutes faster than before.

Happier customers, handled quicker: nice juggling.

“We’ve had a lot of feedback from the teams that the training’s been thorough and easy to understand – all thanks to Definition’s time and effort.”

Chris Nicholson, eServices Channel Manager, E.ON

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