How do you get lawyers to speak human?

Training for easyJet

If you’re an in-house lawyer, you can spend a lot of your time rewriting what law firms send you so that your non-legal colleagues can understand it.

Our client Helen Lowe decided that was a waste of her team’s time. Why couldn’t the law firms write like normal people? So first at Co-op, and then easyJet*, she got us to train all the law firms they work with to transform the way they wrote. We got them to:

  • Get to the point quickly
  • Make their opinion really clear
  • Use everyday language

Lawyers love evidence (and arguing)

So we came armed with tons of data and psychological research that proves our approach is more effective.

It means the law firm keeps their clients happy (and learn a skill that also helps them stand out from their competitors), and their clients can spend their time doing much more valuable stuff.

Lawyers are not necessarily the easiest audience, but Schwa grabbed the team’s attention right from the outset – balancing fun with evidence, bringing relevant examples to life and challenging the way we think about language and communication. Their effortless and effervescent style made the session a real joy, and we still reference it as a touchpoint when we’re thinking about how we speak.


“I can’t recommend Definition highly enough – the sessions they deliver are such fun that you don’t notice just how transformative they are.”

Helen Lowe, head of legal operations, easyJet

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