How do you win the Game of Tones?

Tone of voice and training for Sky


We came up with a new tone of voice for Sky that lets them show how much they love TV. We’ve been busily spreading it across the organisation since.

Sky’s brief was simple: warm us up.

They’d done some research that showed customers thought they were a little cold and clinical.

We came up with a new tone of voice that focused on two things: first, sounding more human. Second, making audiences feel something. The ‘feel’ bit gave everyone at Sky permission to geek out about Game of Thrones, to go for a bit of a drama, or to make readers laugh. All of which proved they‘re not just suits – they‘re fans.

Since then we‘ve done all sorts of writing jobs, like tweaking the menu you see on your TV screen, and rewriting the email you get when you say you want to cancel. We‘ve also trained hundreds of people from the call centres to the legal team, and even named a couple of products along the way too.

What were the results?

We worked on three help guides, explaining how to use Sky products (like setting up your router).

Our articles cut calls to the call centre by 14,000 a year, saving Sky tens of thousands of pounds.

“The team at Definition got us really quickly. They pinned down our tone of voice in a way that’s memorable, and more importantly, really useful. We’re already seeing results from the roll-out: it doesn’t just make our brand stand out, it has real, measurable business benefits.”

Vicki Franks, brand director, Sky

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