How do you scale up and stay true to your brand?

Tone of voice and training for AO


“I feel like Schwa have introduced us to ourselves.”

AO were the first to get us buying smartphones and steam cleaners online – and once they did, their world got pretty wide, pretty fast. Retail, logistics, recycling: the different parts of the business all thrived.

The only problem?

All these bits of the business sounded different to each other. 

We started by getting them to talk about themselves

We ran workshops asking people from different corners of the business what AO meant to them. We turned what we learned into principles for them to follow, and created long and short guidelines. Then we trained the entire comms team to make sure it stuck.

Arafa, their head of brand said: “I feel like Definition have introduced us to ourselves. Everything about the tone feels so like us, and as a result it feels realistic and achievable. And it’s really positive to see that all of the writers are already fully on board.”

And how was the training?

“Ace, ace, ace! Had so much fun. Definition are wonderfully engaging trainers with loads of energy and an obvious passion for language. Not only was I challenged as a writer and reader, but also an editor, which is vital for my role here. Came out of the session feeling refreshed and energised and – even better – I know my team did too.”

One happy workshop participant

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