How do you name a new brand… on a train?

Naming for Worklifelabs

Nick, the CEO, likes to give us a challenge.


“I’m giving a presentation about the new business tomorrow morning, and it needs a name!”

Here comes a massive caveat.

This is not how naming processes are supposed to work.

You’re supposed to do Google checks, legal checks, language checks. You‘re supposed to run workshops to make use of the IKEA effect. You’re supposed to have time to, well, think.

But if you’re naming a nimble, challenging start-up, maybe you need a nimble, challenging approach to naming.

Our naming team was on the train to a big meeting, so we qot a quick brief from Nick, and did a trainstorm.

The following morning, Worklifelabs was born.

And very soon, so was their first product: Ezra. He gave us a bit longer to name that.

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