What makes a fintech feel different?

Tone of voice, writing and training for iwoca


Opaque terms, complicated caveats, lengthy phone calls: the way big banks do business loans just doesn’t work for smaller companies like barbers, bakeries and butchers.

Enter iwoca, who’ve built their loans specifically for small businesses.

(And yes, their name does begin with a lowercase ‘i’.)

When they came to us, they wanted to find a way of speaking and writing that showed how different they were to other lenders. We helped them pinpoint that personality with a brand tone of voice, then roll it out across the organisation.

Getting everyone on board was about getting everyone involved

We knew that this change was only going to stick if it worked for everyone at iwoca: from marketing to collections to complaints. So we ran workshops with different teams and created a book of writing tips.

Next, we trained nearly everyone in the business to use the new voice. From there, it was all about keeping the energy up. That’s why we work in-house with iwoca one day a week – to make sure the change is sticking and to answer any tricky tone-shaped questions the moment they come up.


We’ve trained 97% of the entire UK team. We’ve overhauled over 250 templates they use every day. And we’ve created 15 champions for the change across the company.

“We’re seeing results across the business. Our customer success and collections teams tell us they’re getting quicker, more positive responses and we’re busy testing new pages on our website.”

Jake Mellett, head of brand and product marketing, iwoca

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