Does your name shape the brand you become?


Getting on first-name terms with a brand new brand


Career coaching was in desperate need of a 21st Century makeover. When you think of talking to a coach, you might think of beige meeting rooms, long commutes and a lot of schedule-juggling to squeeze in a session. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Until now, those things have come as standard.

But HR giant LHH knew they could do better, and wanted to launch a spin-off brand to prove it: an app that made talking to a coach as easy as FaceTiming a friend. Enter Definition.

We looked for real names that mean ‘help’.

‘Help’ is just the right message for the team’s philosophy – coaching shouldn’t be a faff, but a superpower. One that should be available for everyone (not just senior staff).

That’s what Ezra means, and because it’s a real first name, it has the same friendliness as the rest of the experience.

Since then, we’ve been busily speaking Ezra

We ran workshops to define their purpose and values, and we’ve done plenty of writing – their website, marketing materials and UX flows (where we added behavioural nudges, too).

And we’ve watched like proud parents as the brand booms.

In the space of a year, they’ve gone from a team of four to a network of hundreds of coaches with thousands of users.


“Definition have been quick, creative and just as good (if not better) than a massive agency – but without all the months of expensive strategy.”

Nick Goldberg, founder, Ezra

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