How do you smooth out processes without cutting corners?

Revolución de Cuba’s smash hit Bottomless Brunch was leaving an unfortunate hangover. It cut into prep time for dinner service, leaving staff frazzled.

So, how could they make things run smoother without damaging the customer experience?

Considering the menu of options

The obvious choice would be to pare back the food choices, cap the cocktails or rejig staff roles. But the food industry is fiercely competitive; anything that disappoints diners is risky.

Or they could have done nothing. It might have worked – for a while. But it was only a matter of time before the pressure took its toll on the team. If morale and service quality take a nosedive, staff turnover rises, and customers vote with their feet.

Whatever the answer, it clearly wasn’t going to be found looking at processes on paper. So Revolución de Cuba opted to invest in a long-term fix instead, by asking the people who knew the brunch process best: the front-of-house teams.

Getting tips from the team

We started with getting to the root causes. We ran workshops and idea sessions that identified the real blockers – as well as creative ideas for removing them.

We turned those into another workshop with leaders to set priorities and develop two pilot plans: one that defined the dream brunch process and one around digital ordering tablets.

With all the processes – and problems – mapped out, it became much clearer where they could change their ways. Revolución de Cuba took those insights and put together a ‘Definitive Brunch Guide’, rolling out the pilot plans in May.

We’ve been running regular catch-up sessions with them since to track how they’re doing and what it means for the business.


Staff feedback was immediately positive, and Revolución de Cuba’s already seen more advanced brunch bookings for August and September 2023 compared to previous year.

And the best part? They didn’t have to cut a single brunch option. So, all customers know is they’re getting the great food and great service they always have. Cheers to that!

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