Did you know a motorised toilet can hit over 70 mph?

Let’s not forget Zac the Macaw who can open 35 canned drinks in one minute.

And don’t be too impressed, but a guy called Ilker can squirt milk over 9 feet from his eye socket!

These are just three reasons why we’re so excited to create the new visual identity for Guinness World Records!

We will be designing a new look and feel that aligns with their mission to inspire a sense of wonder.  Once we and their in-house creatives are finished with it, their updated visual identity will be easier to use and help to build consistency across the global organisation. 

We’re not the only agency involved in this exciting project. As a part of Definition Group, our sister agencies Brand Vista and Schwa are working on Guinness World Record’s customer journey, experience, and tone of voice.

With these projects all coming to fruition across this year, we can’t wait to see the final result of all our hard work.

Stay tuned for more updates!