Successful brands, whether B2B or B2C, know that customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) play a crucial role in their success.

And the really successful ones know that the biggest benefits come when you align the two.

We’ve just merged our own CX and EX teams into one Experience team, so we thought we’d share our thoughts on the five big benefits to be had from thinking about both sides of the coin together.

The five benefits of aligning CX and EX

1. You’ll start up a virtuous circle:

Happy employees are more likely to make customers happy. Those customers are then more likely to keep coming back for more. And dealing with happy, loyal customers all the time is a really fulfilling experience for your already happy employees.

Here’s how we transformed David Lloyd’s Customer Experience

2. You’ll boost your performance:

Companies that nurture and align their CX and EX perform better. And according to one study, happy employees are 20% more productive than unhappy ones.

Here’s how we helped grow Slug and Lettuce’s sales by 10%.

3. You’ll stand out from the crowd:

When you connect your CX and EX, it makes your whole brand stronger and improves the way people see your company. You’ll stand out as a brand that’s really got a handle on things.

Here’s how we helped student housing group iQ on their way to a £4.7 billion acquisition.

4. You’ll move into the fast lane:

With every decision about your customers and your people guided by your brand, you’ll have a much better chance of reaching your overall goal as a company. And you’ll find it much easier to make the right decisions in tricky times.

Here’s how we helped easyJet’s customer experience take flight.

5. You’ll be able to build a dream team:

When there’s buzz around the way you treat your people and your customers, you’ll find it easier to attract and keep the best of the best. And with a strong team, everything gets easier: from your ability to thrive, to how well you cope when the going gets tough.

Here’s how we helped the Lawn Tennis Association ace their CX and EX.

The bottom line

Lining up your CX and EX gives you a powerful competitive advantage. Nail it and you’ll create a ripple effect of positivity throughout your entire organisation – from deepening loyalty to attracting top talent.

It’s a powerful way to outperform the pack – and in today’s cut-throat economy, that’s something no company can afford to ignore.