A couple of weeks ago, I went along to HECK!toberfest – Yorkshire’s answer to Oktoberfest, hosted by the sausage maker HECK at their Yorkshire HQ.

There’s been a few instances of us looking for brands that have grown significantly, but managed to retain their independent / home-grown heritage, over the past few months. For me, HECK is a brilliant example of a brand that’s managed to do this – despite their presence in nearly every supermarket across the UK, they still feel small, independent… and, by extension, their product feels quality. This all feeds into their brand – “flavour you can swear by.”

Overall, this event felt like an interesting Amplifier for an FMCG org that got people talking – whilst strengthening the sense of the brand being independent and focussed on quality:

  1. There was a clear right to play
    With the bratwurst being an integral part of any good Oktoberfest celebration, this event being put on by an organisation primarily famous for their sausages feels like a natural fit
  2. Event tickets included a free foot-long hotdog
    However, there was no dubious bratwurst here – every ticket included a free footlong HECK! sausage in a bun… meat or veggie (“We make something for everyone”). This made sure that everyone at the event had tasted the quality and flavour of HECK!’s products, and cemented the brand’s natural link to the theme itself
  1. Guests could walk around the HECK! HQ grounds
    With a small herb garden, a range of quirky seating spaces, and even a sports-day track, HECK! has a head office that perfectly matches its brand focus on independence, family, quality, and flavour. HECK!toberfest guests were free to walk their dogs (yes, dogs were invited too… family!) around these grounds and witness the brand coming to life – they even provided free tennis balls.
  1. There were plenty of opportunities to share the fun
    Getting people talking about your brand and products, without it feeling contrived, can be a real challenge for an FMCG brand… but not for HECK! on this day. The event was littered with photo-taking and sharing opportunities – from the picture backdrops to the HECK! neckerchiefs available for four-legged friends. My dog, Stanley, enjoyed modelling his…