Progressive institutions, conservative brands

When you immerse yourself in the world of higher education brands, as prospective students do when they’re choosing their options, everything quickly starts to look the same.

As a sector, UK universities are struggling to communicate clear, differentiated offers through their branding.

Without doing extensive research and attending open days, it’s hard for prospective students – or potential staff – to discover what makes one university more attractive than any other.

This presents huge opportunities for ambitious higher education brands to stand out and get ahead. Almost by definition, a university has a progressive mission and an optimistic vision, the likes of which many commercial brands strive for but struggle to live up to.

Some universities are already ensuring growth and success by building global, inclusive brands. Universities like these, which tap into their sense of purpose to power their brand, will have an edge as the sector continues to evolve.

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A university’s brand – like any brand – needs to perform well in five areas: clarity, differentiation, visual identity, engagement, and cohesion.

Find the full story, including many more insights, in this Brand Report by Redhouse.

Inside, we turn our attention to the higher education sector, analysing a notable selection of brands in search of best practice to celebrate – and great opportunities for ambitious brands to seize.

We’re launching with higher education because it’s a sector we know inside out. For more than 30 years, we’ve delivered brand, design and content projects for major players in education, including the Department for Education, the Office for Students, the University of London, and Pearson.

A university’s brand – like any brand – needs to perform well in five areas: clarity, differentiation, visual identity, engagement, and cohesion. A brand that delivers in all five areas is one that will provide measurable value for the university, its students, its staff, its community, the sector … even the world.

For more detail on the five aspects of understanding brand, and insight into the higher education sector’s performance in each one, read on.

Redhouse Brand Report – Higher Education